The company has grown rapidly since inception and, besides clearing vehicles & other general cargo. We provide you a complete one stop solution to all your clearing and forwarding needs. Our long years of experience in this field allows us to take care of almost all the pitfalls of the industry.


We have maintained an excellent relationship with Sri Lankan Customs over the years as well as other regulatory and enforcement agencies. Our offices are located just few minutes away from the port. We are licensed Customs Brokers, Sea & Air Freight Forwarders. Our office is fully equipped to produce full documentation on your inbound & outbound shipments.


To be considered as the Clearing & Forwarding Agent of Choice in Sri Lanka.

As a clearing and forwarding company, our mission is to offer expedient, efficient and cost effective clearing & forwading services. A service that dedicated with great efficiency.


Send us your inquiries and we will sort all your documentation on your inbound & outbound shipments. The expertise we have in all the areas of this field allows us to provide you tailor made solutions ensuring your needs are met.

Our list of clientele which includes Big Car Sale companies to domestic entrepreneurs has been continuously growing from the start of R.D. Holdings.

Transport and Forwarding of import and local cargo, Clearance of vehicle imports for car companies, arrangement and monitoring of transport and deliveries for all cargoes and booking and shipping of cargo to and from overseas.

We also undertake custom clearance and documentation for our clients. Local deliveries within Sri Lanka can be done through our fleet of vehicles and incase of special requirements it is outsourced through our contractors. We have experienced and trained staff to undertake the clearance job with utmost efficiency.